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A Life Through the Lens: David Peat - BBC 
(Watch clips HERE)


Me and My Face  - BBC


Life's Too Short  - BBC


Big Noise in a Wee Place - BBC


Gutted - BBC


Charles Windsor's Schooldays - Channel 4


Please Leave the Light On - STV


This Mine is Ours - STV 


Panorama, Finger of Suspicion - BBC


Hey, This is Advertising - STV


Strip Artists - Channel 4


Birds of Paradise - BBC


Meeting Grappelli - BBC


Traces Will Remain - Channel 4


The Pros and the Cons - Channel 4


The Bishop's Defence - Channel 4


Six Little Sisters - ITV


Billy Connolly - Big Banana Feet

The Man Who Cycled the Americas - BBC


The Man Who Cycled the World - BBC


Clarissa and the Countryman - BBC


Teacher Teacher - BBC


Heartland FM - BBC


The Kirsty Wark Show - BBC


The Big Country - BBC


Around 17 - STV
Soldiers - Click here to watch

Mothers - Click here to watch
Musicians - Click here to watch


Scotland on Film - BBC


Clydebuilt - BBC


Years Ahead - Channel 4 


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